Welcome to The Niche Bar, an exclusive retreat for aficionados of fine drinks and cigars. Immerse yourself in the luxurious ambiance of our bar, where every sip is savored and every puff is a moment of indulgence. With a carefully curated selection of premium beverages and a variety of cigars to choose from, The Niche Bar offers a haven for those seeking a sophisticated and relaxed environment.

Join us for an evening of refined pleasure, where the art of drinks and cigars takes center stage at Baron Resort Sharm El Sheikh.

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  • Serving: Drinks & Cigar Lounge
  • Dress Code: Smart Casual
  • Operation Time: 17:00 - 01:00
  • Charge: Additional
  • Number of the Guests: 21
  • Indoor Capacity: 21
  • Outdoor Capacity: -