Our Story


A Journey in Time

Abdelmoneim Shahein’s Vision: Crafting Experiences

Meet our visionary founder Abdelmoneim Shahein, who brought this dream to life. His words resonate with purpose:

“We take pride in always embodying the precious values of a family; caring for one another and offering personal support each and every day. Our mission is to craft experiences that transcend the ordinary—a legacy of hospitality that mirrors the cultural richness of our surroundings and resonates with every guest who walks through our doors.”

Abdelmoneim Shahein

Founder & chairman baron hotels & resorts egypt | chertex factory

1928- 2021

Inspired By the ‘City of the Sun’

Building from the ground up, Mr. Shahein began his journey from humble beginning. Overcoming challenges, he excelled in the gas retail business and became a pioneer in textile industry. His story showcased his ability to navigate diverse sectors, turning a modest beginning into substantial business milestones

The First Baron

Where Heritage Meets Hospitality

In the heart of Heliopolis, Cairo, within its historic tapestry, Baron Hotel Cairo emerged in 1980. It is strategically positioned to overlook the iconic Baron Empain Palace, the only Indian architectural marvel completed in 1911, standing proudly as a symbol of Cairo’s rich heritage.

Baron Hotel Cairo swiftly became synonymous with opulence and warm hospitality, reflecting the magnificence of the great Baron Empain Palace.

Embracing Dreams

His dedication to a mission that transcends time ensures that his venture goes beyond being just a place to stay – it’s a timeless dream to experience. His commitment to crafting meaningful experiences reflects a deep love for hospitality and creating connections that last.

Chasing Beauty Everywhere

He always wanted to be around beautiful things to make each day special. By carefully choosing a spot with a view of the iconic Baron Empain Palace, he wanted to create a fascinating place that mixes old stories with today’s vibe for everyone. He cares a lot about hospitality, making sure everyone feels connected.

The Story behind Our Logo:

The Boat of Millions of Years

Inspired by the sun god Ra and his majestic boat, our logo mirrors the timeless charm of Ra’s spiritual journey. Ra is believed to have ridden in his sun barge, bringing sunlight to the people of Egypt. 

Our logo, envisioned by Mr. Shahein, stands as a testament to his dedication to guest well-being. Drawing inspiration from our cultural heritage dating back to the ancient pharaohs, he crafted a symbol that reflects our commitment to genuine care and warmth for every guest.


Baron Hotels and Resorts, a living testament to commitment, has expanded its family across Egypt. Looking forward the future, our Chairman, Sherif Shahein, shares his vision: “The Baron legacy extends beyond history; it’s a narrative that continuously evolves. Our journey expands to novel destinations, offering experiences replete with opulence, hospitality, and exploration.” The next chapters of Baron Hotels and Resorts are poised to be written in destinations that beckon with promise


Welcome to a world where every stay is a unique experience, and the legacy of hospitality lives on. Together, let’s create moments that transcend time – a story that never ceases