We offer corporate functions to glamorous weddings. Our state-of-the-art meeting rooms and ballroom provide a refined backdrop, complemented by outstanding cuisine. For a touch of beachfront magic, our beach paradise offers panoramic views, creating a romantic and idyllic setting for your special events. Whether indoor or outdoor, we have the perfect location for your memorable occasions.

Versatile Meeting Spaces

Our resort is a hub for multi-purpose meetings, incentives, conferences, and events, complete with tailored programs and outside catering facilities. 

Nestled in a picturesque location, we offer a unique blend of creative gastronomy and versatile spaces, ensuring a wide range of meeting possibilities.

Tailored Celebrations

Let us transform your event into a personalized masterpiece. Our bespoke programs cater to your unique needs, while our outside catering facilities empower you to curate a culinary journey that harmonizes seamlessly with your occasion.

Beachside Weddings

Nestled along the pristine shoreline, our beachfront venue boasts panoramic views of the sparkling sea and golden sands, creating a romantic and idyllic setting for your special occasion. Enjoy the magic of your special day by the sea… 

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