Family & Kids

Family Bliss Retreat

Escape to a haven of family bliss, where the allure of luxury effortlessly intertwines with the warmth of togetherness. Immerse yourself in the splendor of our family getaways, where every moment is a celebration of shared joy and unforgettable experiences. From opulent accommodations to tailored family-friendly amenities, our retreat is designed to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Join us on a journey of relaxation, connection, and pure family bliss.

Welcome to our world of family fun!

Discover a journey tailored for every age with our exclusive club offerings. From the adorable Smiling Baby Club to the cool Teens Club, we’ve got entertainment and excitement for every stage of your child’s growth. Let the adventure begin!

Baron Kids Club®

Offering a meticulously supervised daily entertainment program, tailored to specific age groups, the club boasts a kids playground, a vibrant kids house with toys, and a heated kids swimming pool featuring an interactive water park and thrilling water slides. 

Catering to different age ranges, from Kids Club for 4-7 years to Juniors Club for 8-12 years and Teens Club for 13-17 years, there’s something for every child. Additional amenities include beach playgrounds, an indoor activity room, cinema, library, computer stations, a sleeping room, and special menus.

Fun for Little Ones

Indulge your little ones in the ultimate kids’ paradise at Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh. The Baron Kids Club®️ provides a safe and secluded haven, offering a meticulously supervised daily entertainment program tailored to specific age groups. The club boasts a kids playground, a vibrant kids house with toys, and a heated kids swimming pool featuring an interactive water park and thrilling water slides.

Adventure Awaits

Tailored for children aged 8-12 years, the Juniors Club. It offers a lively environment for adventure and discovery. From interactive games to engaging activities, this club is designed to captivate the imagination of our young guests. With age-appropriate amenities and supervised programs, it’s the perfect space for young explorers to make lasting memories.

Hangout for Teens

Designed for teenagers aged 13-17 years, the Teens Club. It is a cool and trendy space for the older crew. It provides a perfect hangout spot where teens can relax, connect with peers, and enjoy a variety of entertainment options. From gaming consoles to social spaces, the Teens Club ensures that every moment is filled with excitement and camaraderie.

Beaches and Pools Unveiled

Our inviting beaches beckon with soft sands and the rhythmic melody of the waves. Indulge in a refreshing dip in our crystal-clear pools, nestled amidst lush surroundings. Whether you seek relaxation or lively recreation, our beach and pools offer the ideal retreat.

Family Beach

Experience unforgettable family moments at our beach haven. Our family-friendly beach is a perfect playground for little adventurers and a relaxing spot for parents. 

Aquatic Zone

Dive into family fun at our water park with hydro slides and a dedicated kids’ pool. It’s the perfect oasis for both little water adventurers and those seeking thrilling splashes.

Infinity Pool

Dive into luxury at our infinity pool-an oasis of elevated serenity perfect for families. 


The little extras are on us, with dazzling days of discovery including savings on entry to Lisbon Zoo and time in our swimming pool.