A Journey to Inner Peace

As we walk this path, embracing acceptance and kindness, a serene melody plays within, bringing the tranquility you seek. Rediscover yourself at our retreat—it’s more than a destination; it’s an unfolding journey.

inner peace

Discovering calm and harmony within, promoting well-being beyond daily stresses. It’s a state where the mind finds solace, fostering a positive outlook on challenges and a deeper connection with the present.

Nourish Your Soul

Experience ultimate relaxation with our wellness offerings, available for an extra charge. Enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of a Turkish bath, sauna, relaxation area, peeling foam Turkish bath, steam bath, plunge pool, massages, and Jacuzzi.

Massage Rituals

Relax and rejuvenate with our indulgent Massage Treatments. Allow our expert therapists to pamper you with gentle and soothing techniques, providing an ideal sanctuary for both your body and mind to unwind.

Spa Rituals

Experience pure luxury with our exclusive Spa Rituals, carefully crafted for a holistic experience. Each ritual celebrates relaxation, blending inspiration from ancient traditions and modern wellness practices.

Hammam Rituals

Relax with our Hammam Rituals, a blend of tradition and comfort, where cleansing and relaxation come together. Allow the soothing atmosphere to renew your senses and leave you revitalized.


Harmony in Motion

Our fitness center has a great view of the Baron Empain Palace, giving guests a unique and inspiring atmosphere. Especially in the evenings, you can work out while enjoying the illuminated palace.

Whether you love exercising or are just starting, our fitness center has something for everyone. It’s modern, well-equipped, and you get free access as our guest, making your stay even better with a convenient and enjoyable fitness experience.