Culinary Bliss Awaits

Explore a diverse range of flavors in our Terrace restaurant and charming cafes, offering an array of delightful options. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely breakfast, a satisfying lunch, or an enchanting dinner, our menu caters to every taste.

For those seeking a special and elegant dining experience, Baron Bistro, overlooking the iconic Baron Empain Palace, awaits with a unique ambiance and exquisite cuisine. 

Explore a Culinary Fusion

Experience elevated moments with our diverse dining. From international delights to Eastern and Egyptian specialties, savor a delightful journey of flavors and desserts.

Complementing our dining experiences, we also provide outside catering services, bringing our exceptional cuisine and service to your special events and gatherings, wherever you are.


Friday Egyptian Buffet

Join us every Friday for a delicious experience at our buffet! Taste the authentic flavors of Egypt with a variety of dishes. While savoring the flavors, let the live oud music set the mood with beautiful oriental tunes.

The Egyptian Buffet is held every Friday at the La Terrace Restaurant, available from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm.


The Legacy of Baron Pastry

Discover Baron Pastry’s legacy, blending history with gourmet excellence. We’re known for crafting tasty creations with care and passion, leaving a lasting impression.

From wide varieties of cakes and famous French pastries to delightful treats, each bite is a journey through time and flavor, making every moment special in our culinary tradition.

Baron Bistro Unleashed

Experience the charm of Baron Bistro, our outdoor haven with a view of the iconic Baron Empain Palace and enjoy excellent culinary creations, expertly crafted cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you’re savoring shisha or catching your favorite sports games on our TV, Baron Bistro provides the perfect setting for both laid-back and vibrant moments.Come, unite, and experience the taste of togetherness with us!